Wireless Internet Service Providers
Reduce Downtime and Resolve Issues Faster with Smart Network & Device Monitoring

Welcome to EyeOTmonitor! We’re here to help you take your Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) business to the next level with our advanced monitoring solution. In a world where staying ahead means keeping your customers happy and your network running smoothly, EyeOTmonitor is your go-to tool to manage your entire network of devices.

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Why EyeOTmonitor?

As a WISP, your success depends on maintaining a robust, efficient network while minimizing downtime and service disruptions.
EyeOTmonitor delivers unparalleled value by providing real-time insights and proactive management capabilities, allowing you to:

Deep Integrations with P2P and Access Points
We're not just monitoring ports for up/down status, we're providing industry specific data including deep radio information, frequency, and channel utilization.
Actionable Data
Purpose built around the specific use cases WISPs care about, we provide real-time data to help you make sure your network and devices are running full steam ahead.
Remote Access into Devices
Configure, update, and access your devices from the comfort of your desk. Whether it's SSH, Telnet, HTTP, or HTTPS we have you covered.
Industry Leading Topology & Geospatial Maps
With a friendly, easy-to-use interface, you can quickly build and monitor your network and devices. WIth geo maps, know exacly where each device is located with elevation profiles between points.
Built to Manage WISP Infrastructure

Leverage EyeOTMonitor to monitor and manage WISP infrastructure including fixed wireless. Full support for Cisco, Ubiquiti, Siklu, MikroTik, Cambium and other vendors. Geospatial mapping options that show P2P links. Track and monitor RSSI, channels, frequencies, and other device parameters.

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Remote Network Management
Manage Your Network & Devices From Anywhere

Manage your network and devices from anywhere with our remote management capabilities. Monitor and control all your devices without being on-site, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

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Topology Maps
Visualize Your Entire Network

Visualize your entire network with our easy-to-use topology maps. See how all your devices are connected, spot potential issues quickly, and optimize your network for better performance.

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Build, Fast Responsive Maps 
Geospatial Maps
Get a Geographical View of Your Network

Track the location of all your devices and understand the spatial relationships in your network for more effective management.

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Track Real-Time KPIs and SLAs

Customize your monitoring experience with our intuitive dashboards. Choose the metrics that matter most to you and get a real-time overview of your network’s performance at a glance.

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Device Severities
Prioritize Issues Effectively with Advanced Severities

Understand the impact of different problems on your network and address the most critical ones first to minimize disruptions.

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