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RMM, Device Management and Network Visualization Solution for Monitoring and Managing Physical Security, Smart City and IoT Networks

Cloud and on-premise Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) and device management solution that helps integrators and MSPs monitor and manage their customer environments. With real-time status updates from devices and software, customers are able to gain valuable insight into their infrastructure and clearly identify problems when they occur.

Manage Multiple Customer Environments 

No Coding Skills Required 

EyeOTmonitor Manage Multiple Customers

Remotely Manage Devices

EyeOTmonito No Codig Skills Required

Topological and Geographical Maps

EyOTmonitor Topological an Geograpical Maps

Maps can show physical

and logical interconnectivity between devices on the network.  this allows quick and easy

understanding of device dependencies that can

lead to quick problem solving

EyeOTmonitor users multiple

protocols to integrate with

multiple vendors.  Once the

device is added, the data is

already structured

and parsed for customers

to understand quickly

Users can quickly and securely access their 

devices through our user interface via different


EyeOTmonitor Remotely Manage Devies

Deep Integration with Multiple Vendors

EyOTmonitor Deep Inegration ith Multiple Vendors

Users will be able to monitor

devices and software without

writing a single line of code

Technicians can manage multiple customer

environments at the same time by selecting the customer from a dropdown menu.  Perfect for on-the-go management

Verify VLANs, throughput,

per-port PoE, err-disabled

ports, and more.  Fully integrated 

with Cisco, VMware, and other traditional infrastructure vendors

EyeOTmonitorAdvanced Sytem an Network Monitoring Featres


Advanced System and Network Monitoring Features

Topology Maps

Topology Maps allows you quickly understand how your devices are interconnected.


  • Quickly identify which device interoperability

  • Check traffic flow

  • Locate devices easily


EyeOTmonito Topology Map Screen
EyOTmonitr Geo Map Screen

Geo Maps

Geo Maps show where devices are located over a geographical area.  This capability is crucial when devices are non-static or devices that are scattered in multiple locations.

  • Track device locations as they moving

  • Identify device problems based on external environmental conditions such as weather and traffic.

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How It Works

Agents are installed on customer networks

User specifies which devices/software/they would like to monitor and brings devices into the system with proper login information

Agents connect to devices or software visa different protocols including SNMP, Onvif WMI, APIs, etc.

Agent securely connects to EyeOTmonitor cloud over HTTPS to push data it obtains from devices on customer networks

Users are able to securely view customer environments from anywhere around the world



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