Topology Maps
Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Network Topology Maps

With our simple, easy-to-use interface, drag and drop devices right onto the map. Users can quickly identify problems with their network by glancing at the topology maps and seeing problematic devices or network segments.

Tour Topology Maps
Visualize and Manager Your Entire Network

EyeOTmonitor’s topology map capabilities provide a visual and interactive representation of your network and device, illustrating how various devices are connected and interact within the system.

Enhanced Network Visibility
Simplified Troubleshooting
Optimized Network Performance
Easy Scalability and Management
Better Documentation and Compliance
Improved Security Management
Intuitive User Interface
Build Fast, Responsive Maps

EyeOTmonitor’s Topology Maps rapidly update in real-time, reflecting changes in the network as they happen. Quickly identify and address any issues with the network or your devices.

Build, Fast Responsive Maps  2
Utilize Nested Maps

With unlimited submaps, get a granular view of network segments, from a broad overview down to specific devices and connections. It simplifies the management and monitoring of complex networks by providing detailed, nested visualizations that can be expanded or collapsed as needed, enhancing both oversight and control.

Device Balloons
Deep Insights into Your Devices

EyeOTmonitor’s Device Balloons offer an in-depth view of individual device information at a glance. These balloons pop up when a device is selected on the topology map, displaying a wealth of data, including status, performance metrics, and recent activity.

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