Geospatial Maps
Manage Your Assets Across Geospatial Environments

EyeOTmonitor’s Geospatial Maps integrate physical geography into network and device management. This tool overlays network topology onto real-world maps, providing a spatial understanding of where devices and infrastructure are located.

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Enhance Efficiency, Decision-Making, and Understanding of Your Network

EyeOTmonitor’s Geospatial Maps are a powerful way to manage, analyze, and visualize the geographical distribution of your devices and the data they generate.

Real-time Location Tracking
Spatial Context for Data
Improved Response Times
Efficient Asset Management
Advanced Analytics and Insights
Enhanced Decision Making
Live Data Feed
Overlay Real-Time Traffic

Map overlays merge external elements like traffic with infrastructure, improving troubleshooting and operational insights. Traffic overlays optimize dispatching service technicians.

Site-to-Site Wireless
Elevation Profiles

Swiftly pinpoint the elevation of devices and identify any obstructions between wireless links, streamlining site-to-site wireless network connections.

Light, Dark, Satellite, and Terrain
Multiple Map Views

Users can access topographical maps for detailed terrain insights, satellite imagery for up-to-date aerial views, and thematic maps for specialized data like demographic or climate information.

Advanced Filtering and Search

Drill down into the device types you wan to see, from cameras, P2P wireless, and more. Create as many submaps as you’d like, allowing you to quickly assess and troubleshoot any issues.

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