Remotely Manage and Monitor All of Your Devices and Network

With EyeOTmonitor, remotely manage your devices and network via topology maps, geospatial maps, and customizable dashboards.

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How EyeOTmonitor Works

Topology Maps
Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Network Topology Maps

Build fast, responsive network topology maps effortlessly within the user-friendly logical interface.

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Geospatial Maps
Manage Your Assets Across Geospatial Environments

With fully dynamic network mapping features, manage point-to-point wireless deployments, smart city assets, and track GPS positioning of multiple devices and groups of devices.

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Track Real-Time KPIs with Dashboards

Leverage solutions-driven dashboards. Share dashboards with customers and internal support teams.

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Remote Network Management
Manage All of Your Devices From Anywhere

Remotely and securely manage all of your devices via SSH, Telent, or HTTP/HTTPS.

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