Device Severities
Enhanced Visibility into Your Performance with Advanced Device Severities

EyeOTmonitor’s Device Severities feature empowers you to identify and address issues into device performance in real-time.

So Many Benefits, So Many Uses
Network Infrastructure Management
Device Severities allow you to assign severity levels to properties obtained from data protocols like SNMP, ONVIF, or APIs.
Surveillance Systems
In the realm of surveillance, Device Severities enable you to monitor critical aspects such as camera uptime, network connectivity, and video feed availability.
Industrial Automation
In industrial settings, where downtime can have significant repercussions, Device Severities offer invaluable insights into equipment performance, such as PLCs.
Healthcare Facilities
Device Severities play a crucial role in ensuring the reliability of medical devices and IT infrastructure in healthcare settings.
Advanced Logic Engine

With our new logic engine, you have the flexibility to create sophisticated alerts and notifications for every single device.

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Fully Customizable to Suit Your Needs

With EyeOTmonitor you get out-of-the-box severities logic based on IT best practices. But if you need to make an adjustment to a device severity, we’ve built the flexibility to quickly do so.

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Seamlessly Integrated into Topology and Geospatial Maps

Device Severities are seamlessly integrated into our topology and geospatial maps, providing you with intuitive visualizations of network health.

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