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Welcome to EyeOTmonitor

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

We have been working long and hard to bring EyeOTmonitor to market. It's been three exciting years of development but we have finally made it a successful product.

EyeOTmonitor came to fruition by working with Systems Integrators, Mobile Network Operators, and Managed Service Providers to understand their needs to manage customer infrastructure post installation. They were looking for a quick way to connect to their customer networks and be able to proactively monitor and manage them. They also wanted to understand topologies and how these devices are interconnected as well as geolocation of these devices.

One thing that differentiates EyeOTmonitor from competition is how easy it is to add devices to the system. Our customers don’t have to deal with SNMP MIBs at all. Everything is managed in the cloud. In fact, EyeOTmonitor supports multiple protocols including SNMP, Onvif, WMI, and direct APIs to multiple vendors. And if you need us to integrate with a certain vendor in? Just ask!

We look forward to being your Physical Security, IoT, and Smart City monitoring and managing platform. Looking forward to working with you!!!

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