Remote Network Management
Remotely Manage Your Network and Devices From Anywhere

Monitor, configure, and optimize your devices directly within EyeOTmonitor. No need to create multiple VPN tunnels to customer networks. With EyeOTmonitor you can remote into your devices from anywhere in the world with a simple click.

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Quickly Access Your Devices

With EyeOTmonitor, securely access and control your entire network of devices through SSH/Telnet or HTTP/HTTPS protocols.

Quickly configure device and network settings
Troubleshoot and Diagnose Issues
Update Settings and Perform Maintenance Tasks
Implement security measures and protocols
Automate repetitive tasks by logging in directly
Ensure access is for only those with the necessary permissions
Access the Web Interface of Any Device

Whether you’re monitoring smart devices, routers, or servers, the simplicity of HTTP/HTTPS allows you to streamline control and configuration of your entire network of devices. No longer do you have to log in to dozens of different systems, simply click on the device, log in, and you’re in.

Seamlessly Connect via SSH/Telnet

Unlock the power of seamless connectivity with SSH/Telnet. Secure Shell (SSH) and Telnet protocols empower you to remotely access and control devices with just a few commands. Whether you’re configuring network equipment, managing servers, or troubleshooting systems, directly link to your devices, ensuring efficient and secure communication.

Mulit-Device Upload
Quickly Upload Multiple Devices into EyeOTmonitor

EyeOTmonitor’s capability to swiftly upload thousands of devices enables organizations to scale effortlessly, facilitating rapid management and monitoring of multiple devices.

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More Features
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Topology Maps
Build fast, responsive maps effortlessly within the user-friendly logical interface.
Geospatial Maps
Fully dynamic mapping features for representing devices across an expansive geographic space.
Create solutions-driven dashboards to track KPIs and SLAs.