Why Its Important To Visualize Your Network

2 min read

One of the biggest problems when it comes to monitoring networks is understanding pain-points. What does that mean?


Imagine you are a managed service provider and you manage multiple customer. Each customer has multiple devices on their network including routers, switch, Point-to-Point wireless radios, cameras, etc. These devices are all interconnected. For example, multiple desktops may be hanging off of a single switch and switches are most likely connected to other switches. All of a sudden you start to receive emails with device-down alerts. How do you know which device (s) actually has problems?

Solution By Using EyeOTmonitor, you can quickly gain insight on where problems in your network are. Alerts will show you that certain devices are having problems, but looking at topology maps you can quickly and easily identify which devices are experiencing problems vs which devices rely on the problem devices.

What do you see?

  1. There are 6 devices on a map (2x Cisco switches, 2x Ubiquiti radios, an enclosure with devices inside it, and a Fluidmesh radio.
  2. One of the EtherChannel links between the ‘Core Switch’ and the ‘Distro Switch’ 1 is experiencing problems. Looks like the problem is on the ‘Core Switch’ side since the port is up on the the ‘Distro Switch 1’
  3. Fluidmesh radio is up but the port is down. most likely the device that’s connected to it’s ethernet port is experiencing problems.
  4. Devices in the enclosure are experiencing problems.