EyeOTmonitor Ubiquiti Integration
Deep Integrations with Ubiquiti Switches, Access Points, and P2P Wireless Devices

Welcome to the next level of network monitoring, management, and visualization with EyeOTmonitor’s advanced integration with Ubiquiti devices. EyeOTmonitor offers an unparalleled toolkit for network oversight, featuring intuitive topology and geospatial mapping, extensive device management via multiple protocols, and in-depth device integration.

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Universal Key Features Across Ubiquiti Devices

EyeOTmonitor introduces a suite of features across Unifi Switches, Access Points, and P2P Wireless devices — ensuring a cohesive and powerful network management experience.

Topology & Geospatial Mapping
Visualize the entire network infrastructure, displaying interconnectivity and physical locations of devices, enhancing planning and troubleshooting.
Comprehensive Device Management
Remotely connect and manage devices using Telnet, SSH, HTTP, and HTTPS, offering flexibility in network administration.
Real-Time Monitoring & Alerts
Keep tabs on your network with real-time monitoring and receive alerts for critical changes, ensuring immediate response to potential issues.
Historical Data Analysis
Utilize historical performance data for trend analysis, capacity planning, and optimization, driving informed decision-making.
Ubiquiti Access Points
Busy Wireless Network Management
Balance load across SSIDs to reduce interference & enhance performance in densely populated environments.
Capacity Planning
Use historical data for effective scaling of network infrastructure in line with demand. 
Interference Mitigation
Identify and mitigate sources of wireless interference, improving signal quality and reliability.
Ubiquiti P2P Wireless Integrations
Long-Distance Wireless Link Optimization
Adjust links to overcome environmental challenges and enhance signal quality.
P2P Wireless Link Planning
Leverage EyeOTmonitor’s geospatial mapping and elevation profile analysis to meticulously plan P2P wireless link deployments. This involves selecting optimal locations for radio installations, considering line-of-sight, environmental obstacles, and Fresnel zones to ensure the highest quality of service and reliability for critical communications.
Tailored KPIs & Dashboards
Access custom dashboards that present essential metrics like RSSI, channel, channel width, and frequency, along with historical data, to monitor and optimize P2P wireless performance.
Security and Configuration Management
Manage SSID, security settings, and firmware information, ensuring devices are up-to-date and secure.
Ubiquiti Unifi Switch Integrations
Network Traffic Optimization
Quickly identify and alleviate bottlenecks by redistributing connections, ensuring smooth application performance during peak hours.
Proactive Network Maintenance
Schedule scans to preemptively identify and address potential issues, maintaining consistent network availability.
Security Enhancement
Detect and react to unusual traffic patterns indicating potential breaches, securing your network against threats.