EyeOTmonitor's Smart City Guide
How Smart Cities Can Manage and Monitor IoT Devices

Advancements in technology are reshaping urban environments to be more intelligent and secure, yet overseeing these complex systems poses significant challenges. This guide outlines the ways in which EyeOTmonitor can aid in the management and support of Smart Cities.

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What's Covered in the Guide
Broadening the Scope of Infrastructure Management
The shift in networking technology is moving from traditional, isolated hardware towards integrated, software-defined networks that are overseen via the cloud.
Physical Security at the Core
Ensuring public safety is a fundamental responsibility of city governments, positioning them as leaders in adopting advanced surveillance and security measures.
Device Intelligence Grows with IoT
Innovations like (IoT) are bringing intelligence to a wide array of previously passive devices, such as transformers, streetlights, vehicles, and parking meters, enabling them to automate tasks that were once manual.
How EyeOTmonitor Helps
EyeOTmonitor is pioneering its ability to amalgamate various core infrastructure and IoT device vendors under a unified management platform for entire city networks