Take a Guided Tour of EyeOTmonitor

Get a glimpse of what EyeOTmonitor can monitor and manage.

Remotely Manage Your Network and Devices From Anywhere

Monitor, configure, and optimize your devices directly within EyeOTmonitor. No need to create multiple VPN tunnels to customer networks. With EyeOTmonitor you can remote into your devices from anywhere in the world with a simple click.

Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Network Topology Maps

With our simple, easy-to-use interface, drag and drop devices right onto the map. Users can quickly identify problems with their network by glancing at the topology maps and seeing problematic devices or network segments.

Manage Your Assets Across Geospatial Environments

EyeOTmonitor’s Geospatial Maps integrate physical geography into network and device management. This tool overlays network topology onto real-world maps, providing a spatial understanding of where devices and infrastructure are located.

Track Real-Time KPIs with Dashboards

EyeOTmonitor’s Dashboards provides users with a user-friendly and customizable interface to monitor and manage your devices and network in real-time. With advanced data visualization, alerting features, and seamless integration options, it empowers businesses and researchers to efficiently collect and analyze data, enabling data-driven decision-making.