How Smart Cities Can Manage & Monitor IoT

2 min read

Advancements in technology are making cities smarter and safer, but managing all of these technologies is challenging. This guide explores how EyeOTmonitor can help.

Recent technical advances propelled cities into a new digital age that allows them to be smarter and safer. By utilizing different solutions, cities can deter crime, remove waste more efficiently, build stronger relationships with communities, maintain better lighting conditions at night, ensure better air quality, etc. All while reducing operating costs across the board.

But these solutions that cities deploy come with their own respective hardware, software, and management interfaces. As solutions providers add more options to the city’s arsenal of technologies, managing all of these different components becomes challenging. 

EyeOTmonitor enables cities to consolidate management of not only their traditional IT infrastructure but also their industry-specific solutions in a single pane of glass. City engineers and their technology providers can finally leverage a single platform to monitor, manage, and visualize all network devices and assets.

Technology is becoming the cornerstone of how cities run and is pulling them in many directions. As a result, worldwide Smart Cities spending will generate $189.5 billion in revenue in 2023, according to International Data Corp (Market Research Firm).

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