EyeOTmonitor Hanwha Integration
Elevate Your Network Monitoring and Security with EyeOTmonitor and Hanwha

EyeOTmonitor, a SaaS platform for network monitoring, management, and visualization, seamlessly integrates with Hanwha’s world-class CCTV cameras, including the Samsung Techwin range. This partnership enhances security and operational efficiency by offering deep insights and comprehensive management capabilities for your networked devices. 

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Why Choose EyeOTmonitor with Hanwha Cameras?
Improve Visibility
Achieve unparalleled insight into your network and device performance, enabling proactive management and troubleshooting.
Strengthen Security
Enhance your security posture with detailed analytics and monitoring, identifying vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.
Boost Efficiency
Reduce operational costs and complexity with streamlined device management and advanced monitoring capabilities.
Make Informed Decisions
Leverage data-driven insights for strategic planning and operational improvements.
Transform Your Operations
Comprehensive Compatibility

Direct integration with Hanwha and Samsung Techwin cameras via SNMP and ONVIF protocols.

Multi-Protocol Device Access

Manage devices remotely with ease using HTTP, HTTPS, TELNET, SSH, providing flexibility and control.