Quickly Upload Multiple Devices into EyeOTmonitor

Being able to quickly upload thousands of devices into EyeOTmonitor makes it easy for organizations to scale up and rapildy manage and monitor multiple devices without any hassles.

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Easy-to-Use Templates
EyeOTmonitor's easy-to-use templates simplify the process of configuring and deploying devices, allowing users to quickly set up and manage their network with minimal effort. These templates provide a consistent and efficient way to quicly upload devices at scale.
Choose from Hundreds of Devices
EyeOTmonitor allows you to upload hundreds of different devices, providing flexibility and comprehensive coverage for your network. This ensures that every connected device can be seamlessly integrated and monitored.
Keep Organized with Advanced Foldering
EyeOTmonitor's advanced foldering system helps you keep your network organized by allowing you to categorize and manage devices into customizable folders. This makes it easier to navigate, monitor, and control various segments of your network efficiently.
Future-Proof Scalability
As businesses grow and technology changes, your network needs to keep up. Whether you're expanding your IoT setup, upgrading devices, or adding a new customer, EyeOTmonitor can smoothly manage these changes.
Boost Efficiency and Save Costs

With Multi-Device Uploads, cut down on the need for manual work, which means fewer chances for human error. This not only makes things more accurate but also saves a lot of time and labor costs tied to uploading devices. IT teams can then focus on more important tasks like monitoring networks and devices, planning strategically, and optimizing systems.