eyeotmonitor-6 months free - to help monitor networks at home during coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Our offices are almost empty and our employees are pulling double duty taking care of their families and their customers. We are definitely not alone in feeling uneasy about about the the situation at hand. The Covid-19 Coronavirus left a mark on us that will take a long time go away. That said, we also feel grateful that using our EyeOTmonitor RMM platform, our customers can monitor their networks from the comfort of their own home. We are humbled that we can play a small part mitigating this chaos by giving people some peace of mind that they can visualize and monitor their networks remotely.

We will continue to support them during these uneasy times. This includes supporting cities and municipalities that want to make sure their their CCTV systems and networking equipment stays online as they shut cities down.

That said, EyeOTmonitor is offering 6 months of free service starting today for the next 3 months to help our customers navigate these through these tough times.

What We Do

EyeOTmonitor offers remote management and monitoring services for physical security, IoT, and Smart City providers. We thrive on providing visualization of your entire network and can quickly identify problems at hand.

Key Points

  • Multi-tenancy capabilities to support multiple customers at the same time

  • Beutiful geographical and topological mapping capabilities

  • ONVIF and SNMP support

  • All device integrations are done by EyeOTmonitor teams including SNMP MIB parsing

Feel free to contact us today by emailing us at Use Promo Code EYEOT123

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